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Gehwol - Fusskraft red

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Revitalize your feet with GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT ROUGE warming balm, specially designed for dry skin requiring special care.

This balm offers immediate relief to tired and aching feet thanks to a formula rich in camphor, paprika and ginger extracts, as well as rosemary and mountain pine essential oils.

Stimulating circulation is accompanied by a feeling of comforting warmth, while high-quality emollients soften and smooth dry, rough skin.

Main Benefits:

  • Warm Sensation: Provides instant comfort to tired feet.
  • Circulatory Stimulation: Promotes better circulation for revitalized feet.
  • Skin Care: Softens and smoothes dry and fragile skin.
  • Antiseptic Protection: Combats foot odor and prevents infections.

Format: 75 ml for regular and prolonged use.

For pampered feet and visibly revitalized skin, choose GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT ROUGE balm.

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