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Invigorate your feet with GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT® Mint refreshing balm, the perfect ally to keep your feet fresh, dynamic and cared for, no matter your day.

This unique balm combines the icy energy of mint and the benefits of Asian medicinal plant oils for a feeling of freshness and immediate revitalization.

Its formula rich in natural menthol and essential oils of rosemary and pine from the Alpine mountains provides rapid relief to tired and painful feet.

  • Rapid Absorption: Non-greasy texture that penetrates quickly for immediate comfort.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: Effectively eliminates foot odor and provides a clean, supple feeling.
  • Antiseptic Protection: Prevents infections and itching between the toes.

Use: Apply delicately to feet and legs, then massage gently for optimal absorption.

Practical format: 75 ml, ideal for complete and regular treatment.

Feel the difference with GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT® Mint balm and give your feet the freshness and care they deserve.

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