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Cocooning Love - Pine & Fir bath salt

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Treat yourself to a sensory escape with our bath salt enriched with the captivating scents of pine and fir. Formulated with precious Dead Sea salt, known for its soothing properties, this bath transforms every moment into an experience of deep relaxation.

It targets muscular discomfort, relaxes the body and soothes the mind from the tensions accumulated on a daily basis.

Exceptional Benefits:

  • Muscle Relief: Dead Sea salt relaxes and relieves effectively.
  • Pine and Fir Essential Oils: Warming and tonic properties for muscle relaxation and respiratory well-being.

Immerse yourself in a bath of well-being and let the forest aromas transport you to absolute relaxation and energetic renewal.

Create your sanctuary of inner peace. Order now and transform your bath routine into a purifying relaxation ritual.

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