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Cocooning Love - Suction cups Bye Bye Capitons

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Discover our revolutionary solution for visibly smoother, dimpling-free skin. Our Bye Bye Capitons silicone suction cups deliver a deep tissue massage, effectively targeting fatty deposits to promote firmer skin. Used in synergy with our Bye Bye Dimples serum, enriched with three powerful essential oils, they help reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples, revealing a refined silhouette.

Product Features :

  • Deep Tissue Massage: Suction cups stimulate circulation, helping to break down fatty deposits.
  • Synergy of Essential Oils: The serum promotes the reduction of cellulite thanks to targeted natural ingredients.
  • Practical and Ecological: Delivered in a set of two with a Cocooning Love cotton pouch, for easy and durable storage.

Transform your skincare routine and say goodbye to dimpling. Adopt our cupping and serum duo for radiantly smooth skin.

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