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That'So Golden Age Anti-Age

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Discover the Golden Âge self-tanner designed for sensitive or mature skin. 

Intended for daily use, it provides immediate radiance to the skin. Its gentle mist is lightly tinted and offers a smoothing and firming action to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

The golden age spray is enriched with MATRIXYL™, Kombucha and Hyaluronic Acid to provide deep hydration to the skin. Ideal for the face and neckline!

Application : 

Spray directly onto the skin in a continuous, even motion, holding the spray bottle approximately 30 cm from the skin. Let dry without rubbing or use a hairdryer for a faster result.

Features :

DHA: 2%

Tanning level: light

Tan duration: 2 days – daily use

Product type: vaporizer

Area of ​​application: face and neckline

Gradual tan

Size : 50 ml

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