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That'so Glam Body Dark

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Get a perfect tan thanks to our mousse with a rich and creamy texture. Easy to apply, it dries quickly for an impeccable, streak-free finish. This product contains high quality makeup pigments which provide an instant result that adapts to your skin tone. Final color develops in 3-4 hours.

Manual :

STEP 1: Exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize the skin 24 hours before application using the double washcloth. 

STEP 2: Shake the product before using. 

STEP 3: Apply the product evenly in circular motions using the That'so Double Face Tanning Mitt. 

STEP 4: Wash hands and nails thoroughly after application.

STEP 5: Wait until the skin is completely dry before getting dressed.

STEP 6: Wait at least 6 hours before removing the product.

STEP 7: Use our Gradual Tan Moisturizer to prolong your tan.

Features :

DHA: 6%

Tan Level: Medium 

Tanning Duration: 4 Days

Product Formula: Foam

Area of ​​application: Body

Fragrance: Vanilla, Almond and Cherry

Size: 150 ml 

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