Adopter la beauté naturellement : Une introduction au maquillage biologique Zao

Adopting beauty naturally: An introduction to Zao organic makeup

Adopting beauty naturally: An introduction to Zao organic makeup

Zao Canada Beauty Products Photo Shine-Up Powder by Zao.

In the pursuit of a lifestyle that celebrates health, sustainability and beauty, Zao Makeup stands as a beacon of innovation and purity. Zao is not just a brand; it is an ethic, a commitment to harmonize our beauty routines with the principles of nature. With products that boast nourishing antioxidants, anti-aging properties and active organic ingredients, Zao offers a luxurious extension of your natural beauty.

Beauty without compromise

Zao organic makeup is more than an ideal blend of textures and colors; it is part of a balanced lifestyle, a testimony of uncompromising beauty and taste. The brand's commitment to purity is evident in every product, each one being 100% natural and certified organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan. This commitment ensures that each item not only enhances beauty but also supports wellness and ethical practices.

Products that speak volumes

  1. Aloe Vera Mascara: For those looking for an intense, long-lasting look that doesn't compromise on comfort, Aloe Vera Mascara stands out. Certified organic, this mascara coats each lash, promising a look that lasts all day. Formulated with organic aloe vera, it is ideal for even the most sensitive eyes, ensuring daily wearability without irritation.

  2. Shine-Up Powder: A versatile 2-in-1 product, Shine-Up Powder acts as both a highlighter and a magical iridescent powder. It brings a subtle radiance to your eyes and face, adapting to different skin types, including oily skin, with its powder texture. The light glow effect is customizable, ensuring a natural glow that enhances your features.

  3. Shine-Up Stick: In a convenient stick form, this cream highlighter is a game-changer for enhancing facial contours. Its concentrated pearl formula blends seamlessly with skin, enriched with organic castor oil and organic jojoba oil to nourish and soothe. The Shine-Up Stick allows you to adjust the intensity of your glow, ensuring the perfect highlight for every occasion.

A brand for the modern individual

Zao organic makeup isn't just about looks; it's about feeling and doing. It's suited to the hectic pace of everyday life, from long work days to workouts, and from casual outings to elegant evenings. It's makeup that stays with you, enhancing your natural beauty and supporting the health of your skin.

As we continue to seek ways to live in harmony with our environment, Zao Makeup emerges as a leading light, offering products that promise beauty, durability and quality without compromise. It's not just makeup; it is a movement towards a more beautiful, ethical and radiant life.

Zao - Fard à joues en bâton - Valorise Toi
Zao - Fard à joues en bâton - Valorise Toi
Zao - Fard à joues en bâton - Valorise Toi

Zao - Stick blush

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This cream blush stick, with a creamy and light texture, gives an immediate healthy glow to your complexion. Easy and precise to apply, its modular coverage allows you to create a tailor-made intensity. Its formula is enriched with organic castor oil and organic jojoba oil with softening and restorative properties. A two-in-one product, it also allows you to subtly color the lips.

*This product is refillable!

Size: 10g


Zao - Lip scrub

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The Lip Scrub Stick gently exfoliates the lips using organic rice powder which eliminates small dead skin cells. It also helps moisturize and smooth thanks to organic castor oil and organic carnauba wax. This treatment cleans and softens the lips to prepare them for the application of Lip Care Oil or lipstick.

This product is refillable!

Format: 3.5 g

Zao - Gommage lèvres - Valorise Toi
Zao - Sérum concentré régénérant - Valorise Toi

Zao - Concentrated regenerating serum

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Restores comfort and suppleness to the skin, preventing signs of aging.

Skin types: Normal to very dry skin

Fragrance: Exotic verbena (litsea cubeba)

Frequency of use: Morning and evening. Daily use.

Directions for use: On cleansed and dry skin, apply 3 to 4 drops of serum all over the face and neck before your usual cream. Gently massage, smoothing the product from the inside to the outside of the face.

Size: 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.

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